Loving That Cold War (Plus the Ads)

Report: Warplanes off Alaska – Security- msnbc.com

updated 4:54 a.m. CT, Wed., March. 26, 2008

MOSCOW – NATO forces sent jets to escort two Russian long-range air force bombers patrolling neutral skies near Alaska on Wednesday, Russian news agencies quoted the defense ministry as saying.

Russia’s military has resumed its Cold War practice of flying regular patrols far beyond its borders, and in the last year has also sent turbo-prop Tu-95s over U.S. naval aircraft carriers and the Pacific island of Guam.

Accompanied by two Il-78 refueling tankers, the two Tu-95 Bear bombers flew for 15 hours over the Arctic and Pacific oceans, Interfax news agency quoted Russian Air Force spokesman Alexander Drobyshevsky as saying.

The B1B Bomber

One thing that I ‘love’ about the Military industry is their ability to place good ads.
[to understad the irony of this post: this story, about Russian bombers buzzing Alaska, is accompanied by an advertisement from the U.S. Air Force about their cool-ass bombers. The B-1 Bomber was initially designed as a counter-measure to long-range Russain bombers.]

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