Both Sides Have to Believe

Reason Magazine – Hit & Run > Hard Time Killing Fraud

He started sprinkling water on Sanal and brandishing a knife in front of him. Sometimes he moved the blade all over his body. Sanal did not flinch. Then he touched Sanal’s head with his hand, rubbing and rumpling up his hair, pressing his forehead, laying his hand over his eyes, pressing his fingers against his temples. When he pressed harder and harder, Sanal reminded him that he was supposed to use black magic only, not forceful attacks to bring him down. The tantrik took a new run: water, knife, fingers, mantras. But Sanal kept looking very healthy and even amused.

After nearly two hours, the anchor declared the tantrik’s failure. The tantrik, unwilling to admit defeat, tried the excuse that a very strong god whom Sanal might be worshipping obviously protected him. “No, I am an atheist,” said Sanal Edamaruku. Finally, the disgraced tantrik tried to save his face by claiming that there was a never-failing special black magic for ultimate destruction, which could, however, only been done at night. Bad luck again, he did not get away with this, but was challenged to prove his claim this very night in another “breaking news” live program.

If one side doesn’t jive, the hocus pocus doesn’t focus.

This has been true forever.  If you were a robot you would know that.

If you were a pirate or a ninja, you would exploit it…for different reasons.

One thought on “Both Sides Have to Believe

  1. Tantra or Tantram is not like this foolish show by wooing by money hungry
    priest in a TV show.. It is a very subtle science super sciecne.

    this fool sanal edamaruku does not know what it is. if he really plays
    with a Tantric he will be killed and for ignorant tantric folks
    A real tantric will not do that just for his challenge. Sanal is a copy cat ten
    years back he and his father use to copy others article and paste it in their
    vernacular magazine

    He is father and mother is from different religion he is having frustation
    to his mother’s great religion because she was not accepted by her parents
    marrying his moron father that is the reason. so dont believe this fool.

    Tantra is an ancient science Rationalism is the most foolish thing one can preach
    I have one question to this fools who wants proof for everything
    show your brains. then only I will believe that you have brains.

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