Clinton Clinging to Straws, Media Helps

Clinton revisits Wright’s role – – Breaking News, Political News & National Security News – The Washington Times

PHILADELPHIA — Sen. Barack Obama was treated like the Democratic front-runner for the first time in a debate last night — fielding hard questions about his ties to a 1970s domestic terrorist, his racially divisive church and his electability.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton charged her rival has failed to fully explain his longtime ties to the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., calling it deplorable that Mr. Obama didn’t leave the church after his pastor made disparaging remarks about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

You know, it’s pretty sad that HRC can’t sit through this whole video.  It’s a pretty awesome speech, even touched by clockwork heart.

Personally I thought his speech put the matter to rest and raised some substantive issues regarding race and U.S. citizenship.  The fact that Clinton totally missed that part and went right back to square one was rather disingenuous of her, IMHO.    Much like her recent rallying cries and newfound love for guns and god.

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