No Wonder I Just Got A Rebate

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions

For the first time, the extent to which some private contractors have profited from the conflict and rebuilding has been researched by the BBC’s Panorama using US and Iraqi government sources.

A US gagging order is preventing discussion of the allegations.

The order applies to 70 court cases against some of the top US companies.

War profiteering

While George Bush remains in the White House, it is unlikely the gagging orders will be lifted.

To date, no major US contractor faces trial for fraud or mismanagement in Iraq.

This is going to be a part of the war, much like the care for the soldiers who fought it, that’s going to cost a lot for a long time.  Now we just need to start putting the profiteers in jail to stem the tide a bit (actually that’s something we should have done very publicly the first time something like this happened, but, well…with Bush…ya know…).

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