Daddy Yankee Endorses Grandpappy Yankee

Slyly withholding the name, McCain mentioned that the guest, who is 31, has been married for 15 years and has children who are 14, 12 and 10 years old.

McCain continued, saying, “One of his most famous songs, I know you’re very familiar with, ‘Gasolina’ ” — here there were gasps of surprise from the crowd — and then finally said, “Well, here he is: Daddy Yankee.”

The teens erupted into screams and squeals as the reggaetonero strut into the school library wearing a fitted black T-shirt, a gold chain and shades.

Daddy Yankee, whose real name is Ramon Ayala, ***!!!***offered a brief endorsement after briefly hugging every girl in the row standing behind McCain***!!!***.

He said he was endorsing McCain because he believes in “his ideals and his proposals.

“He’s been a fighter for the Hispanic community and I know that, me personally, I’m choosing the best candidate, because he’s been a fighter for the immigration issues,” Ayala said. “So, for me, he’s the best guy to lead this nation.”

Singer Daddy Yankee endorses GOP’s John McCain for president – Los Angeles Times.

O.k. So I was able to get over the fact that there is a teen screamer out there actually named Daddy Yankee.  And I can get over the outfit and the fondling (no…no I can’t).  And I love the Miss South Caronlina type grammar style, for me, which that is, good for the things and stuff.

What I can’t get over is…well…how funny it is that “Daddy Yankee” endorses McCain.  Daddy Yankee is a *perfect* nickname for John McCain.  He’s older than everyone, so he’s a “daddy” (not to mention he’s banging a woman 18 years younger than him…a full generation in Hispanic culture).  And he’s the typical old, white, rich, yankee that the whole world knows.

And loathes.

At least in the abstract sense.  McCain himself seems fine.  And I think he might actually lead the Republicans back from some of the absolutely retarded immigration policies many of them hold dear.  This, conversely, is going to piss them off so much they’ll retreat from mainstream society and go camp by the border, watching it themselves….oh wait…

But anyway.  Daddy Yankee endorses John “Daddy Yankee” McCain For President.

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