Change vs. Change

It’s looks like John McCain’s radical pick for VP has vaulted, nay, catapulted his campaign to the top of the “change” platform. Gone is the idea that experience matters, now it’s all about being crazy and different.

My congrats to McCain, who had experience as a POW, for catching up to the main theme for what Americans want. Yes, things need to change.

With Palin on the ticket, McCain has guaranteed that something will change with this election. New ground will be crossed, be it in the form of Obama or Palin. This was a masterful political move on his part. Truly, it was. Now both sides are running for history. And for change.

So then the next obvious question, which won’t really ever be addressed on corporate TV, as it would take too long to go beyond one word analysis….what is the change offered?

1. Freedom

Obama/Biden Change: Appoint Supreme Court Justices that will outlaw torture, once and for all (except on black ops).

McCain/Palin Change: Appoint Supreme Court Justices that outlaw abortion, once and for all (except on back alleys).

2. Economy

Obama/Biden Change: Spend 8 of the next 10 years working hard to replace oil and create a post-carbon economy with renewable fuels. This will save our limited natural resources for future generations.

McCain/Palin Change: Spend 8 of the next 10 years drilling as hard as possible to prop up oil companies and extend our carbon economy. This will steal our limited natural resources from future generations.

3. Education

Obama/Biden Change: Spend the money necessary to give every child in every school every chance to succeed.

McCain/Palin Change: Spend only the money necessary to teach every child in every school that evolution is evil and God did it.

4. Foreign Policy

Obama/Biden Change: End the war in Iraq, Get Bin Laden. Work together with the world to face threats.

McCain/Palin Change: Start the war in Iran. Get Obama. Work together to make threats to the world.

5. Tax Policy

Obama/Biden Change: Move the tax policy back to the one that helped build the largest and most powerful middle class in the world, with the most wealth and the most people.

McCain/Palin Change(?): Extend the Bush tax policy that helped build the smallest and most distinct upper class in history, with the most wealth and the fewest people.


Please, feel free to add your own and/or cop/paste for email.

6 thoughts on “Change vs. Change

  1. Education:

    What an insult to the teachers. Obama’s solution for education is th hire a new group of teachers and pay them more money. How does that resolve anything in education? The problem starts with the parents, children need guidence and they must want to learn. It starts at home first. My friend wake up and smell the coffee. Obama is going down the wrong path regarding education.

  2. So you don’t think improving the quality of teachers is going to improve the quality of education?

    How about an emphasis on family responsibility, like Obama highlighted in his speech the other day? I’d like to think that’s where the solution starts and that neither party has a monopoly on family. Did you catch that part of the speech? It was pretty impressive.

    So, yea, part of the solution is to get better paid, higher quality teachers. How does that hurt, exactly?

  3. I just ran into your site while sifting Palin-dromes, blumors (blog rumors), and the like; your site is well-done (the satire and sense of humor is rewarding) but very complex (are you three people or things or what?).

    When do you think the politicians will sit us down and provide a real set of expectations:
    > we have maybe ten years to dramatically stall the progress of global warming and the sacrifices required will be excruciatingly painful to a society which spends Millions$ on cell phone ring tones.
    > there is no amount of future income/resources that will pay for universal healthcare for a society that eats french fries for breakfast and cholesterol-burgers at lunch and dinner bought at the drive-thru.
    > as our 6% of world population consumes each year 33% of world energy output faces a world that wants their share
    > if the Republicans win this next election, the Dems should give up;
    > will someone explain to us that the Medicare, Social security, and the Iraq war have not been paid for yet and the growing Palin families (among others) will be the ones paying for them?
    Otherwise, I need to explore your site for more gems. -cheers

  4. I am three people in one, or something. No, not really, just me (and me).

    I think you are pretty much on with the right questions. There is also a good question of how we are going to pay for all these retirees if we don’t import a whole bunch of new taxpaying workers. Personally, I think Obama will have the better answers. Maybe not the best ones, and certainly not perfect ones, but better than most I’ve heard.

    I am, sadly, in the realm of contemplating an international relocation if the party of retarded wins again.

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