RNC Convention, “We Won In Iraq!!!” (NEWS: McCain is a POW)

I just watched Lindsey Graham (R-Wonderland) tell me that not only did the surge win the war in Iraq, but it was all thanks to John McCain. Yes, folks, John McCain won the war in Iraq.

You may now rest peacefully.

Read on for live-reactions…


Hmm, nice point from the folks on MSNBC. If we don’t elect McCain, then Vietnam will be the first war that didn’t produce a President.

As a veteran of any number of Civilization campaigns, and having produced any number of Great Generals, I can say that you usually don’t get them for losing, bombing the jungle, or being captured.

Sorry. I think it would quite fitting, poetic even, if Vietnam came up 0. It was a mistake based on a lie….and an idiotic pre-tense (if you knew the history of Vietnam and China)

Much like that War in Iraq that John McCain just won.


Now Cindy Lou Who is on….

Hmmm, look like she had daddy issues….dad a pilot…married an older pilot (41-24=17…Bristol!)…

Dad bought into Busch, Hubby bought into Bush. I’m sensing a pattern.

…seriously though…nice video…well done. They made it look like she was a doctor, but I’m guess more of a funder. Have to look that part up.

“Familes worried about losing their homes” —-awww, thanks Cindy. You got an extra?

“[touchy feely crap for three minutes leading to…] If only the Federal Government could get out of the way….(and the teeth flash)” —that was freaky.

Republicans are now the party of human rights, so I’m told.

“…[blah, blah, blah…my husband] John McCain. (applause) From the beginning of time…” (lol)

O.k….she is starting to freak me out.

“So how about that Governor Sarah Palin” Yea…umm…how about her? She going to answer any questions? Or is asking a woman questions sexist?

My daddy, or McCain taught me that…wait a second…who is she talking about now?

“I went to Bangladesh. They were poor. I felt bad. So I grabbed some babies. And I felt better.” —umm…o.k.

Cindy has more international experience than Sarah. Lots more.

Oh…my…one of the only three black women is there as a guest. Seriously. The Republican delegates are 98.4% white [UPDATE: Chris Mathews was just afraid to say the same exact thing.].

Heeeeere comes McCain….


I find the “Peace” signs to be an absolute travesty. For a party that sold and cheered war for eight years it smacks of hypocrisy. Even more so when their first 9/11 video of the night said the war with Islamic Terrorism started in Iran in 1979. Yes, that’s right. That’s when they said the war started. [note: find that video]

Thank God McCain won it in Iraq with the surge.


Let me say this for you slowly. John McCain was a POW in Vietnam.


McCain is on….and looking waaaay washed out in the green screen. They screwed up pretty big on that one, again.

He got a big cheer for 9/11.

Wow…his mom is 96 and alive…maybe he can make it four more years.

And again…his smile scares me too.

Nice line “We are both Americans, and that’s an association that means more to me than any other.”

Now he is quoting American scripture.

Now it’s a blue screen….Colbert is going to have a blast with it.

Yes, we are going to win….we…”Get this country back on the road to prosperity and peace.”

….Protestors….Peace Protestors….”U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A.,”

“My friends, my friends, my friends…please don’t be diverted by the brown noise and the static.”

“Americans want us to stop yelling at each other.”…ummm….

Another protestor…more “U.S.A., U.S.A., etc.”

Palin = “Energy independence, cut taxes, taken on oil, reached across the aisle(?). She knows where she comes from and knows who she works for.” Yea…Alaska…which is why she fought you so hard, Mr. McCain, for those earmarks. Remember that?

“Change is coming”. McCain threatens Washington.

Fixing the problems of generation. Maverick. McCain works for Me….I guess….despite the fact that I never voter for him and he voted with Bush 80% of the time. And for only $50/hr.

“I won’t waste money on things you never need nor want.” …like the Iraq war? Sorry, but really!

He fought Abramoff (who went to jail for four years today).

Surge, surge, surge.

“He’d rather lose an election than see his country lose a war.” Can’t we win and he still lose? Is that o.k.? Or is this like Cheney’s threat to use WMD if Kerry was elected?

Lots of fights…learned a few lessons…like “Don’t get shot down over enemy territory”.

“We lost!!”

Obama passed the corporate welfare bill.

Going to get back to basics.

I think if the camera gets the right angle, we can get some cleavage off of Palin.

“Culture of life”. (wink) Really. He winked. Or is that a twitch.

“Don’t legislate from the bench”. Except for abortion (wink).

“Government that doesn’t make your choices for you”. And no wink. “Choice” wasn’t a code word there, sorry ladies.

Here come the boos…it’s like Halloween in there.

McCain Good, Him Bad. (Crowd goes Booo!!!!!) (Repeat 8x)

Beauracrats!!! Booo!!!!

$7K a kid?!! Are kidding me?

Umm, don’t kids cost us all more? Why do you get bigger breaks for them? This is getting a bit out of control here. How do we cut all taxes and make wars? Can any Republicans answer that? They haven’t answered it for eight years. And we have the weak dollar and debt to prove it.

Use community colleges to train people…like my Vice President (yup, one of here six years of undergrad was at CC).

“Competition in school. Parents with choice.” = School vouchers for all!!! Goodbye public education, welcome entrenched class structure.

“Drill, drill, drill!!!!” (the crowd chants, “Drill, baby, drill”)

New-clear power plants

“We’ll do all the thing you all make fun of hippies for doing.”

Umm, John…c’mere for a second. The world has seen over the past eight years how Americans, specifically Republican Americans, have led. They don’t like it. You haven’t really changed much here but the name at the top, and the bottom, of the ticket.

I heard nothing tonight that wasn’t old school (R), except….wait a sec…

“War with Russia” Yea!!! Ya’ll remember when McCain committed the U.S. the Georgia’s defense? it was a few weeks ago. Congrats!!

“Can’t turn a blind eye to aggression and international lawlessness.” Nice. He’s going to prosecute Bush. Darn, not what he meant.

“I know how the world works.” Just not computers or the interwebs.

“[I want to] build the foundation for a stable and enduring peace.” No…I’ve seen this plan. It’s called the Project for the New American Century and real Americans should want nothing to do with it.

“Constant partisan rancor is a symptom when people go to Washington to work for themselves.” Like Palin did yesterday? Really?!?

“My administration will set new standards for transparency and accountability”. Like how you don’t get to ask my VP any questions.

God is good.

More blue screen challenge.

“I like to pick fights for the fun of it.”

Which led to me being to a POW. If I hadn’t been the son of an Admiral they would have killed me. Instead I went to a hospital and then prison (hence POW).

Prison Stories by John McCain.

Nice line “I wasn’t my own man anymore, I was my country’s”.

“I’m not running the country to save the country (like that colored fella).  I’m funning to fight for it.”


FIght, Fight, Fight, Figh!! Stand up and fight!! Fight!! Never give up!!! Never hide!!  We make history!!!

You know, I’m all for the rah-rah stuff.  I’m ready to fight and fight hard…against John McCain.

Sorry bud, but patriotism isn’t a policy.  I don’t doubt your patriotism.  I appreciate your service, but we don’t need someone to pick a fight right now.  We need someone to make peace.  We need someone to govern rationally, not maverickly.

And he needs to have a qualified back-up.

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