Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?.

This site is awesome.

I’ll have a longer story about what this is about in a bit, but this is hilarious.

As noted, make sure to read the source code as well.

That’s some powerful javascript.

UPDATE: Holy crap. I don’t now how I missed this.

Below is my absolutely favorite theoretical physics-based rap song ever!!  And they even kick in some MC Hawking.

[hmmm, looks like embedding is disabled, here’s the link]

If you want to know what the LHC at CERN is hoping to find, watch the rap. It actually does a pretty damn good job of explaining the basic problem with the “standard model” in physics. That being our “theory of gravity” doesn’t quite work mathematically with our theory of “every other force in the galaxy.”

Read on for my prediction of the experiement’s results…

note…I’ve thought about this more than occasionally, and had, at one point for fun, memorized that standard model mentioned above. I first read the book “Quark” at about 15.. and was heading towards becoming a physicist when the new Congress axed the Super-Collider in 1993….just saying…as a way of demonistrating that I have some basic idea of that which I speak.

Prediction: Personally….I think they are going to get mix results. It’s not going to be the home run they want…why? Beacause reality is recursive from our persepctive, and nailing down exactness isn’t going to be possible in such a contained experiment, and because the scientific concept of the experience of time is flawed (we think [assume] it exists objectively, which it does not*).

What they are trying to do is recreate conditions that haven’t existed anywhere in the known universe since the universe was formed. The problem conceptually with the experiment (the LHC’s main purpose) is that their scale is wrong and the ability to isolate an experiement where you are modeling a non-universe within a real universe is an impossibility. That is, the environment they are trying to recreate is one where there was no outside universe. There is one in Europe, one would hope.

That being said, I’m all for the thing being built. I’m sure they’ll find out something interesting with the thing. I’d have to imagine it has some other uses. Even if it doesn’t, I’m happy to have that much genius being spent designing and building amazing machines to explore the inside of the universe, rather than designing and building amazing machines that explode the insides of each other.

To summarize : explore universe > explode humans.

* this is much larger issue I have generally with scientific dogma (yea, you read that right). The experience and indeed existence of time is not natural, nor logical. The real problems in physics came when trying to nail down the where and when for everything. Everything doesn’t have a where and when, as it is all in constant flux at various levels. Wanting to know an exact where and when is a human concept, not a natural one, if you will. Such a thing doesn’t exist. We’re looking for our own tail, something concrete and absolute to hold onto, when, the sad fact is, our own belief that there is anything to measure at all is about as concrete as reality gets. When the parts we are trying to analyze are smaller and faster than the best possible instrument we are analyzing with [i.e. light itself], measurements gets sketchy.

Now, if they find what they are looking for and the math and physics works out great….awesome…but I’m holding onto my skepticism for the reasons stated above.

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