A Little Bit of History Repeating

EL PASO – Four men were killed in a shooting at the OK Corral nightclub in Juárez early Monday, police said.

The men, wearing Western-style clothing and cowboy boots, were shot shortly after midnight inside the club located on Independencia boulevard and Puerto de Palos street in southeastern Juárez, Chihuahua state police said.

Three of the men died in the club and the fourth victim died at a hospital, police said. Two of the men appeared to be employees of the nightclub because they were wearing shirts with the name of the club. The names of the dead was not immediately available. Investigators found 14 bullet casings at the scene.

Shootout at OK Corral nightclub in Juarez leaves 4 dead – El Paso Times.

The “Wild West” sounds really cool, right up until it puts a few slugs in your forehead.

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