2 thoughts on “The Original Sarah “Winkie” Palin

  1. A lot of peolple who are going to vote for McCain, are talking about Obama as if he is a terrorist, a drug-addict, a communist, a dangerous moslim and not even good enough to be a postman. Amazing how their ears pick up the belly-tunes of dominant media and that they, for instance, are convinced that islam and terror are one. Amazing also that it is possible to make so many people believe such total crab. Is Palin happy with voters like that? If she is than she is a very dangerous woman, desperatly in need of medical treatment!
    I am not a blind Obama-fan. I don’t know what to expect from him. Politics never seems to bring us a better inter-humane climate. But if I could (I can’t because I am dutch and live in Holland) I would vote for Obama because the other kandidate will surely bring us more of the same, like oilwars. Obama will probably not have the stringth to stop that but I would sertainly give him a chance!…

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