AT&T Ripping People Off, No Wai!!!

AT&T reserves the right to change its terms of service by sending its Internet service customers an e-mail. Apparently, it also reserves the right to deposit those e-mails into its customers’ junk mail folders.

Last month, AT&T made some controversial changes to its Internet policies. Verbiage indicating that high-bandwidth users might experience some intentional slowdowns irritated some techies; another section that forces customers to use binding arbitration to resolve disputes annoyed consumer organizations; and an L.A. Times reporter bristled at the size of the full new agreement — 2,500 pages.

via AT&T customer caught in ‘spam-22’ – The Red Tape Chronicles –

Note: I am an AT&T customer (damn you Apple) and I haven’t seen an updated user agreement ever.  Expect the scams to get worse before they get better.

Previous rant re: telecom ripoff here.

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