Blaming The Economic Crisis on Big Poverty

That will leave a mark. It takes great intellectual cowardice, and frankly moral cowardice, to push the discredited “Teh Blacks and Mexicans caused the economic crisis” theory. In that sense, this was much deserved. The worst part is that York doesn’t even defend the theory–he just hopes we’ll buy this package marked “Blame The Niggers and Spics.” But he has no idea what’s inside the box.

It’s amazing to me that these guys continue this strategy, even as it’s clear that the demographics aren’t on their side–the country isn’t getting any whiter. But that’s small potatoes. The bigger question is philisophical. Where is the principle in this? What is “conservative” about this argument, except that it’s just anti-government?

via Matt Taibbi sons Byron York – Ta-Nehisi Coates

Some nice schooling going on over there.  The concept that the economic collapse of the United States banking system is because some poor people defaulted on their, umm, huge? mortagages, is laughable at best.

Since it has been raised by both Palin and McCain, I guess it would be uncouth to say that it’s a racist argument, particularly given Palin’s long history on race issues, but it certainly is classist as well as being completely devoid of evidence and divorced from reality.

Which is to say, it’s probably going to become a centerpoint of their campaign.

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