The Time Cube #1

So…a bit of back story.  A while ago on the internets there was this guy, the Timecube guy.

His website is over here. He’s, uh, an interesting cat.

One of the things he got wrong is that time isn’t a cube, it’s a sphere.  That’s why he’s so confused about how to communicate with people who are “educated dumb” (which is a great many of you).

He also forgot to mention that people like that are, for the last 100 years of so, called “philosophers” and you usually need to study a bunch of boring shit with boring people before you get to call yourself one.  This, inevitably, takes all the joy out of philosophy, when philosophy SHOULD BE as fun as intellectual MMA, except where the rules can change during the fight.

So…yea…that’s teh first video.  Expect a few more.  And ask a few questions, I’d love to share this joy with you.  It’s rather powerful.  Kinda like the sun.

[BTW, for you sticklers to science, the “Timecube” is known in mathematics as “Time/Space”.  It’s “cubed” because there are four dimensions that are REQUIRED to define it accurately.]

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