McCarthyism ’09 Claims Its First Victim

McCarthyism ’09 Claims Its First Victim

Sen. McArthy with the Red Glare
Sen. Joe McCarthy

Over the weekend and under the cover of darkness, we had the first casualty of the new Red Scare.

Van Jones, Obama’s pick to help build the U.S.’s green job economy, resigned after the constant attacks by the right wing media.

For those that don’t know who Jones is, here’s a couple of bios about the guy.

When you look at his actual accomplishments, and his dedication, he seems to be the perfect guy for that job.  But oh how looks can be deceiving when one puts on the red sunglasses and sees Commie demons around every corner.

Jones submitted his resignation after the constant attacks from an alcoholic (who, according to rumors on the Internet, raped and killed a woman during a blacked out stupor in 1990) talk show host with the innocuous name of Glenn Beck.

You can see the type of attacks leveled at Jones here (warning: rumors and innuendo abound here).  Just as with McCarthy (read a bit here), Beck’s love of the drink and scarediness of dark skinned men dancing fueled his paranoia.

Actually McCarthy was probably no more racist than your average Republican politician of the 1950’s, which is, well, pretty damned racist.  OF COURSE, racism has absolutely nothing to do with current nutjob attacks on the President.  After all, racism no longer exists in this country.  People how just, you know, don’t trust the guy, have plenty of others reasons to site (cue: socialist/marxist/communist whargarrrbl).

The sad thing is, when one gives in to people like Beck and McCarthy, it only makes them stronger.   There is now blood in the water, and the sharks are just getting warmed up.

In the socialist propaganda news, Barrack Obama delivered a completely innocuous speech to many of the nation’s children today.

[general note: hey, spreading rumors is fun and profitable, why not get in on the action?]

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