Arizona Passes Strict Illegal Immigration Bill

And so we turn to the next big legislative chapter, as Republicans pass legislation to turn us further into a police state and alienate another growing demographic for another generation.

UPDATE: This is just the preamble for the federal fight.  I’m not sure how hard the (D)’s are going to push, but the immigrant community has been able to turn out marches 10x as big as the Tea Parties.  They also get about 10x less media coverage, because no Hispanics watch Fox, and every single tea party member does (avg age of Fox viewer: 64.  Avg Tea Partier: 63.  Avg Immigration Protester…guessing…25 (all ages, 0-90, mostly young).

Yes, a “party” that encompasses a whole 1% of a the population has a news channel everyone hears about, and a movement that is 15% of the population lives in the shadows, as far as the media is concerned.  As far as the cops are concerned, in Arizona, brown skin is now reasonable suspicion.   Papers please.  Documentos, por favor.

2 thoughts on “Arizona Passes Strict Illegal Immigration Bill

  1. As a person that has been on the receiving end of a bad deal with the state I live in I feel that this change is good.

    I was in a car accident where a illegal immigrant was driving a car that was not his, did not have a drivers licence, was driving the wrong way on a highway, and was cited for his 7th DWI I feel that this is an excellent policy. Of course 2 weeks later when he got out of the hospital he went back to Mexico to escape prosecution I feel that there is not enough done to deter people from entering the U.S. or be in the U.S without the proper documentation.

    I think that anyone that can not speak english when they are pulled over or arrested by a police officer must be detained until proof can be shown that they are in the state in which they are residing legally.

    We as citizens of the U.S should not feel that we have to change for immigrants. This Country was founded by english speaking citizens. We should require the same of any one coming to reside here.

  2. I can understand that. I would advocate having some sort of legal status for migrant labor. Something easy to identify, that people aren’t scared of, and can be used to get a license and provide some legal ID. It also has to be kept up to date, or you get kicked.

    I realize this is a very complex issue, but I’m not sure the way that Arizona is going is part of a long term solution. We’ll see how it turns out.

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