Health Care Reform Starts to Take Effect

…and now we get to see the people the Republicans are pledging to screw back over (they’ve made it a major part of their platform to rescind the new changes, much like how insurance companies use to be able to rescind policies of people who got sick (and will be able to again if the R’s succeed)).

Insurance brokers have told the Cunninghams they won’t write a policy that covers Ryan.”They could cover the rest of us, but they couldn’t give it to us for Ryan,” Michelle Cunningham said. “We’re willing to pay a fair premium, but they weren’t willing to sell it to us at any price.”

Under the new health care law, the family will be able to buy insurance covering their son. That means Bob Cunningham can pursue his small business dream, instead of plugging away at a discouraging search for employment that provides health benefits.

“If the subject of health care reform comes up, I try to tell people about our situation every time I get a chance,” said Michelle Cunningham. “I want them to know that sick children really were being denied access to insurance.”

More stories here.  I’ve actually seen quite a few of these, including a few in comment threads.  Usually it will start with some Paultard/Tea Bagger going on and on about socialism and commies and death panels and then someone will comment with something like, “well, yea, I guess, but now my son/daughter/aunt/parent can get coverage and they couldn’t before.  I work and am willing to pay, but no one would sell us insurance.”

This was a real problem that got fixed.  Unfixing it is now a major platform for the other party.  Hopefully some of the real stories about change and improvement will get out before the election, but from experience I know most of the teabagger crowd doesn’t believe the news unless it is forwarded to them in an email by a fellow “concerned citizen”.

For some unfathomable reason (probably explained as “because socialism”) many of the illustioned want to *return* to a system that does this to people…

Problem: Insurer retroactively canceled his coverage after he suffered a stroke.

How law will help: A provision barring insurers from rescinding policies comes too late for Janis, but he may get coverage through another provision of the law.

Out of the blue, Scott Janis suffered a massive stroke in November. As his medical bills reached $175,000 a few months later, his insurance company canceled his policy.

“It’s despicable to leave a man who’s recovering from a stroke with no insurance,” said Scott’s father, Ray Janis. His parents told his story because Janis has trouble communicating following the stroke.


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