Republicans Protect BP (again)

Here’s the rub [and video]..

The Democrats asked for unanimous consent in the Senate to pass legislation that would give the BP Oil Spill Commission subpoena power — and surprise, surprise! Guess who stood up for them and objected? Wingnut Teabagger King Jim DeMint. Republicans don’t want BP executives or any of the rest of them to have to testify under oath.I’d be surprised if that commission was going to yield any news we haven’t already heard anyway from those executives who did nothing but stonewall the last time they testified before a Congressional committee, but it looks like the Republicans don’t want to take any chances and assure the committee will be toothless.

This is unfortunate, as stories continue to come out about how BP hid data, lied about what was going on, and waged a huge PR campaign that seemed to dwarf actual efforts to clean up.   Indeed, in retrospect, many of their efforts seemed aimed more at cleaning up their image than cleaning up the Gulf.

Now they get to come and obfuscate and stonewall and nothing can be done to them.    I’m pretty sure this won’t turn the Tea Baggers off DeMint (although this is exactly the type of thing they profess to hate, and DeMint is their hero), but it should give rational people a bit of pause before the election.

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