PS3 Cracked Liked Humpty Dumpty, Sony Tries to Sue Internet to Put it Together Again

Ars has the coverage…

The PlayStation 3 is currently the Wild West. The system’s master key has been published online, custom firmware allowing the use of pirated games and custom software is easy to find, and Sony is not at all pleased with this turn of events. The company is asking the courts for a temporary restraining order to get the infringing keys and software offline, and is targeting George Hotz, the FAIL0VERFLOW group, and 100 unnamed John or Jane Does.

No money is being asked for; Sony just wants everyone to stop telling the world how to hack its system

[full story]

I wish Sony best of luck with that one.  I downloaded a jpg with the keys on it a couple weeks ago, just in case the millions of other copies disappear, we can make a million new ones the next day.

It should be noted (and is in the article) that the impetus for cracking the thing came when Sony removed promised funcionality from the device.

My guess is that, ultimately, this will extend the PS3’s shelf life, as custom software (and esp emulators) slowly creeps up and take over the majority of PS3’s.  This certainly makes me more interested in getting one.

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