You Say You Want Some Revolutions, Well ya know…

…here’s a couple. 

From the recent past…

The reign of Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali is over. His government’s response to the steadily growing unrest in the country was marked by successive tactical retreats: On Jan. 12, he declared his intention to immediately do away with restrictions on the press and step down once his term expires in 2014. When that concession only emboldened the protesters further, he responded on Jan. 14 by sacking his government and announcing that new elections would be held in six months. And now, the latest news suggests that the military has stepped in to remove Ben Ali from power and the president has fled the country.

Given the historical ineffectiveness of Arab publics to effect real change in their governments and the Tunisian regime’s reputation as perhaps the most repressive police state in the region, the events of the past week are nothing short of remarkable. And while reports and analyses have focused on the extraordinary nature of the protests, it is equally important to consider what has been missing — namely, Islamists.

[full article]

BTW, don’t feel bad if this link provides you some information you didn’t ask for.  😉

This week’s revolution is taking place in Egypt.

You will find a lot of info here, it could be in arabic so you will have to use Please reddit get the word out, you will find pictures and videos posted.

Twitter is blocked right now, probably facebook later that’s how people managed to organize this. Right now I am trying to make a guide how to use proxys, if anyone could help me with any other simpler way I would appreciate it.

I will try to update as much as I can

Main requests:

  1. Reassembling of people’s assemble.
  2. Canceling(is that the correct word?) marshal law which has been up for over 30 years now.
  3. Not allowing the president to reelect himself after 2 times.
  4. Setting a minimum for wagers of 1200 local pounds.
  5. Sacking of minister of interior affairs.

Excuse my grammar and english, I am pretty tired.

  • The main protest in AlTahrir Square(stream is down) is still holding, they cut off all supplies from them, including mobile network. pic
  • Confirmed news that food and water and tents are getting through to protestors in AlTahrir.
  • Live ammunation is being fired in Suez, Alexandria and Ismailya.
  • First death in Suez, 20 year old Moustafa Reda Mahmoud.
  • Second death in suez, 31 year old Soliman Saber Aly.
  • Sources say army units are being dispatched in Cairo and Alexandria.
  • Unconfirmed sources that Gamal Moubarak – the president’s son – have fled with his wife along with 97 bags of luggage to london.
  • After live ammunation being shot in Alexandaria and crowds were scattered, they are regrouping right now and it’s said the numbers are in 7000 right now.

[full link with requisite nonchalance]

This should, hopefully, make the real news soon.  With foreign desks slashed or non-existent for all the 24-hour-outrage stations, don’t expect this latest revolution to be a big story.

Here’s another first hand account of the day’s action.

We’ll see how both of these turn out, and if the internal, technology-driven revolutions provide better results than the external, bomb-driven ones.

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