Obama Makes a Deal…Doesn’t Matter What It Is…People Won’t Know or Care

According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 22 percent of US voters believe Obama’s health-care law has already been repealed by newly empowered Republican lawmakers. (It hasn’t: The House voted to repeal it, but the Senate did not. Obama would veto that anyway.) Another 26 percent aren’t sure whether the law has been repealed.

A slim majority of respondents – 52 percent – said correctly that the federal health reforms remain the law of the land.

via Health care reform: How big is Obama’s concession? – CSMonitor.com.

The disinformation campaign about this whole thing has been incredibly successful.   The deal referenced in the article makes the whole system more flexible, allowing states more leeway in implementation, as long as they keep the main goal in sight…getting more Americans covered.

This latest move will be, much like the actual law itself, ignored, and we’ll see the following behaviour again…

Just keep watching it happen

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