Republicans Setting Stage for 2012 by Denying Voting Rights to As Many (likely Dem voters) as Possible

This is what they meant by “jobs, jobs, jobs”….making sure Republicans keeps theirs, no matter what happens.

Boosted by major electoral gains in state legislatures nationwide in the 2010 campaign, Republican lawmakers in 32 states are pushing measures that would require citizens to show a state identification or proof of citizenship to vote.  Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, GOP lawmakers are proposing new limits on college students who vote in the state, potentially eliminating a key base of electoral support for Democrats in the state ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

As the Washington Post’s Peter Wallsten writes, the measures have set off a partisan battle over voting rights across the country, with Democrats accusing Republicans of trying to suppress voters, including young people and minorities, who would cast their ballots for President Obama and other Democratic candidates next year.

In New Hampshire, Republicans are pushing to end rules that allow same-day voter registration in the state, which has often provided key swing votes for candidates from all parties in the state. State GOP lawmakers are also proposing new limits on students, including a bill that would allow them to vote in college towns only if they or their parents had established permanent residency in the state.

Before you get off thinking there is some sort of legitimate, non-partisan reason to try and restrict voting rights for women, college students and minorites, you should know this…of the over 100,000,000 votes cast in 2008, 3 (three) were found to be cast fraudulently in-person (what this legislation purports to curtail).

It is merely a coincidence that this has been introduced by 32 Republican controlled legislatures.   A coincidence explained here…

Some GOP lawmakers in New Hampshire have billed the measures as an attempt to crack down on voter fraud in the state–but recent remarks from the newly elected GOP state House speaker have suggested otherwise.

In a recent speech to a tea party group in the state, House Speaker William O’Brien described college voters as “foolish.” “Voting as a liberal. That’s what kids do,” he said, in remarks that were videotaped by a state Democratic Party staffer and posted on YouTube. Students, he said, lack “life experience” and “just vote their feelings.”

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That’s the top Republican in the legislature, making it obvious what this is really about.

It should also be noted that these laws do absolutely nothing to change voter perceptions about fraudulent votes.

So if, in a few years, you sit there and wonder why the percentage of Americans voting keeps going down and somehow a group that represents the economic interests of 2% of the country and social goals of 20% of the country somehow continues to control the majority of government, you know why.

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