More Republicans doubt Obama’s Every Move

(Reuters) – A growing number of Republicans are criticizing President Barack Obama for failing to lay out a clear plan on Libya and mounting costly military operations at a time when America’s budget deficit is gaping.

Republicans largely backed Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan. But senior party figures including House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard McKeon and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen are questioning the Libya air assaults.

via More Republicans doubt Obama’s Libya action | Reuters.

Personally I’m surprised it took them this long into the news cycle.  I mean, that’s like nearly 24 hours.

Ros-Lehtinen expressed concern that Obama has not yet clearly defined for the American people what vital U.S. national security interests are at stake in Libya.

Good point.  I mean…WTF…seriously people??   We couldn’t celebrate Egypt freeing herself, for fear of a group that haunts Glenn Beck’s “happy” nightmares, and now we can’t even help out as a guy we’ve fenced with for 20 years opens fire on his own people….and they stand up and fire back?

C’mon folks.   Can we give this one a week before someone drops the quagmire bomb?   (I’m guessing no…the Palin/Bachmann rhetorical multiplier is in effect)

Regardless….glad the U.N. was able to pull the trigger…not sure how much it will really do.  Air power doesn’t win wars, it can execute or stop mass genocide pretty good, but a scalpal, a sword, and a spear it is not.   We  can’t really offer air support to a rebel offensive, so the lack of Kwadaphi’s [sp] air power doesn’t mean all that much to his defense.

Waiting him out isn’t very politically tenable either.    I’m PDS (pretty damn sure) Obama is going to do the wise thing here and hand this one off to someone in Europe, quickly.  The derp will rise anyway, but it will be less than if he tries to take over command personally (not his style at all, and this isn’t really our fight…Europe needs Libyan oil a lot more than we do.).

I don’t expect Kharfaldi [sp] to last nearly as long as S. Hussein.

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