Idiocracy, Exhibit “Miss USA”

This is a good sign of Idiocracy.   One of the two (out of 51) who understands basic science ends up looking like a genius.

This time, though, I’m taking notice because of a cogent answer, one that could be seen as a victory for science. Tanya Somanader of Think Progress recounts in her excellent blog post an answer given by 21-year-old Alyssa Campanella, a self-described science geek who won the Miss USA competition last night.

Responding to the question of whether evolution should be taught in schools, Campanella affirmed her position on evolution and its rightful place in the classroom. She and Miss Massachusetts, Alida D’Angona, were the only two of the 51 contestants to back Darwin.

and the sad faces…this follows a lot with my discussion about people who don’t “believe” in evolution…very few of them understand what it says, and more importantly, doesn’t say.

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