LulzSec Calls It Quits

LulzSec Calls It Quits.

Arr, matey, seem the ship has sailed.  Torrenting the booty as we speak.  Having to see what fun stuff the lulz-machine generated this time around.  Here’s the official ascii-art press release.

booty/50 Days of Lulz.txt 2.64 KiB
booty/AOL internal data.txt 63.6 KiB
booty/AT&T internal data.rar 314.59 MiB
booty/Battlefield Heroes Beta (550k users).csv 24.67 MiB
booty/FBI being silly.txt 3.82 KiB
booty/ (200k users).sql 111.2 MiB
booty/ (12k users).csv 941.8 KiB
booty/Office networks of corporations.txt 3.87 KiB
booty/Private Investigator Emails.txt 2.52 KiB
booty/Random gaming forums (50k users).txt 6.08 MiB
booty/Silly routers.txt 67.7 KiB
booty/ owned.png 240.51 KiB

One thought on “LulzSec Calls It Quits

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