Lol. Major News Story Breaks….guess who doesn’t cover it at all?

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Note: to see how a real news organization, with actual integrity, deals with a news story where they are the focus, check NPR.

For those that don’t know….News Corp’s UK tabloid “News of the World” has now been shown to have repeatedly broken the law and done some incredibly shady things.  Rupert Murdoch, who is trying to buy another satellite broadaster in the UK, shut it down to try and stem the controversy.  Fox News, Murdoch’s tabloid TV station in the U.S. (which has illustrated similarly shady behavior) has yet to cover the story.

“I’m guessing it (News of the World) does 50-ish million pounds of revenue. But Sky is 8 billion of revenue, a billion of profit. You make a very public and obvious scapegoat of an influential but very small profit centre,” Alex DeGroote, media analyst at brokerage Panmure Gordon said.

With advertisers quitting the News of the World in their droves, analysts said closing the 168-year-old paper had limited the immediate potential for contagion to spread to other Murdoch titles in the UK such as The Times and The Sun.

“The stain on the brand was going to be permanent, and this is a perfectly sensible decision,” said Claire Enders, head of media consultancy Enders Analysis.

The burning issues of alleged hacking and police bribery are unlikely to go away soon, however, and News Corp, which also owns the Wall Street Journal in the United States, still has a tough damage limitation exercise on its hands.

“It’s very big and unexpected. But I’m not sure it’s going to solve the problem while the chief executive and ex-editor of the paper in some of its darkest days is still the chief executive of the company,” said media consultant Steve Hewlett.

Who else thinks Fox News’ viewers might be a bit put off to know that their beloved Fox News has been caught red-handed hacking dead soldiers phones to get news scoops?

You know who else…Roger Ailes….which is why Fox News will not be discussing the obvious complete lack of journalistic ethics at News Corp subsidiaries (like Fox News).  At all.   Anybody who mentions it will have *naturally* exposed themselves as an evil liberal commie fascist who hates all that is good about America and puppies.

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