Eric Cantor Pushes For Title of Biggest Douchebag Ever

i think he’s pretty close at this point.

Recall, this is the guy that walked out of negotiations after Democrats had the audacity to propose altering the depreciation schedule on corporate jets.

Now he has spotted another cluster of spending that is waaay more wasteful than that, and the oil subsidies, and pretty much everything else…

As Monday’s White House budget talks got down to the nitty-gritty, Eric Cantor proposed a series of spending cuts, one of them aimed squarely at college students.

The House majority leader, who did most of the talking for the Republican side, said those taking out student loans should start paying interest right away, rather than being able to defer payments until after graduation. It is a big-ticket item that would save $40 billion over 10 years.

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So, to a douchebag like Eric Cantor, that makes perfect sense.  Anyone who has to take out student loans *obviously* already has the money to immediately pay them back without first using them to invest in an education.

He’s put up a few other absolutely idiotic suggestions the last few days.   Republicans, if you want to know why everyone thinks you’re a party filled with selfish, lying douchebags, screwing over everyone to protect that wealthy 1%, look in the mirror that is Eric Cantor.

Republicans are resisting not just tax increases but significant cuts in defense spending, the sources say.

So…even the entire “cut spending” b.s. that the Republicans had “on the table” wasn’t actually about Republican spending on the table.

Obama returned to this theme in the talks, saying everyone is being asked to sacrifice except rich people. The Republicans repeated their belief that any tax increase  would damage the fragile economy.

This really is such a load of crap.  We have two economies right now.   The recession one, where 90% of us live with 9.2% unemployment, and the real economy one, where the recession has officially ended, corporate profits have never been higher, and the wealthy are doing just fine.

So the Republicans concern-troll the economy and taxes, then turn around and complain about the unemployment numbers , which were brought on by firing government employees, and the debt limit, brought on by cutting more taxes, and used the whole situation an an excuse to cut more taxes, more employees, and more services.

The sickest thing about the whole deal…the entire play has come out of a context and an economy where the wealth has never been more concentrated that it is now.   And Cantor, and the douchebag parade, want to consolidate it further.

“Concentrate the wealth” is pretty much their rallying cry.  And it’s working, the wealth is being concentrated.  This sucks for 99% of us (those peons that have to borrow money to go to college), but its great for the douchebags on the payroll of the 1%.  Douchebags like Eric cantor.

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