This was from a week ago…we’ve had the same forecast since then…

Two records fall, DFW sees 100 degrees again Wednesday | Local News | News from Fort Wor…

Today’s high is expected to be 105. Forecasters are calling for highs of at least 100 through Tuesday. If they’re right, we’ll reach No. 2 on the consecutive-days list on Saturday. The current No. 2 is 29 days, set in 1998. After that, it’s 13 more days to No. 1. The record is 42 straight days in 1980.

Yes, that *is* the answer to life the universe and everything.  A man must walk down 42 roads in consecutive 100 degree days.   In Texas, strangely enough.  I think I read that in a book somewhere. 
Just because…I’m guessing we hit 50 days this year, which would end this thing around August 20 or so…

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