American Muslims Less Likely to Support Violence Against Civilians than the Tea Party (and every other American religious group)

The funny thing about facts like these is that they will quickly be dismissed by those that already don’t believe them.

Its title is “Examining U.S. Muslims’ Political, Social, and Spiritual Engagement 10 Years After September 11,” and its most attention grabbing finding is the fact that Muslim Americans are more likely than Christians or Jews to believe that targeting and killing civilians is never justified, whether it is done by the military or an individual. Put another way, Christians and Jews are more comfortable with civilians being targeted and killed by a wide margin.

[full post, with graphs and such]

Funny what losing friends and family to “collateral damage” will do to a person’s outlook on whether or not such things are justified.

I’m guessing if you were able to break out the Teahadists from this group, you’d find upwards of an 80% hypocrisy quotient.

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