I touched on this before, the main problem is the skewed perception on this

Americans Don’t Realize Just How Badly We’re Getting Screwed by the Top 0.1 Percent Hoarding the Country’s Wealth | Economy | AlterNet http://www.alternet.org/economy/152010/americans_don’t_realize_just_how_badly_we’re_getting_screwed_by_the_top_0.1_percent_hoarding_the_country’s_wealth/

I’ll have to dig up the chart, but essentially the squeeze that many are feeling (which is real) is coming from the top.  However, as the media is largely controlled by the top, they keep screaming that the squeeze is coming from the bottom (very rarely does the source of a problem point to itself and say, “Yea, its me.”.)

We saw this after the last financial meltdown, and many, rather than blaming big money, big banks and Wall Street, instead blamed Big Poverty (you know, because people *over-stated* their income to get sub-prime loans). 

As regular folks interact with the poor a whole lot more often than they do the super-wealthy (and there’s more poor people every year…), this perception gains false traction.

And so we end up doing pretty much the opposite of what we need to do, and keep wondering why the system isn’t  working for more than that same 1%.

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