Huntsman continues to stake his claim on rationality, poll results show effectiveness of *that* strategy

CNN Political Ticker

Considering the impact of the nation’s economy on world markets, the 2012 GOP presidential candidate said he couldn’t fathom how Republican colleagues discussed the possibility of defaulting on the country’s debt during the heated debate surrounding whether the borrowing limit should be increased.

“I thought it was the height of irresponsibility,” he said. “We’re 25 percent of the world’s GDP. The United States of America that has never defaulted before—just let it go over a cliff—you can imagine what the marketplace would have done in response,” Huntsman continued.

“The marketplace is trashing everybody right now, assets are underwater…you can only imagine what this country would look like today if we had defaulted. It was complete lunacy for people to even talk about that.”

Pretty soon he’s going to start doing math and showing people how political consensus can result is tangible results (hint: CHINA).

Then he’ll drop out and support his cousin and take his place in line.  

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