He doesn’t because of editing and YouTube (Libya Segue)

Freeman to POTUS: ‘Get pissed off’ | POLITICO 44 http://www.politico.com/politico44/perm/0811/sermon_on_the_green_17a363d0-4817-479e-8b75-d72de47387f8.html

“What I wanted to tell him is to get pissed off, get fighting mad,” the actor told the paper. “But I know he won’t because he doesn’t think it’s politically smart.

” On Obama’s chances for reelection, Freeman added, “If I could vote for him 1,000 times, I would.” “I think he’s been horribly sandbagged, and it makes me so angry,” he said.

I don’t know if theres a greater example of this than in Libya. Basically, amid all the other turmoil in the world, our President did pretty much exactly the right thing, from almost any angle. 

The reason he can’t show any anger, is that if he does any, he’s going to show *a lot*.   He’s done a pretty much amazing job, given the circumstances and knee-jerk, idiotic opposition, and gets crap for it every step of the way. The dude is pissed, rightly so, on some level.

The question is whether or not he can communicate that on a manner that can’t be sliced up and replayed endlessly in loops on certain news stations that like short, inflammatory, sound bites…you know….ALL OF THEM.

We’ll see how it plays out in the long term (and in Syria as well), but right now it look like we’re on to something with the whole ‘let people fight their own revolutions’ thing. 

However, to be sure and honest, it’s not clear, nor will it ever be, on whether or not this could have happened in Iraq with an unmolested Saddam (as it is to Kwaddafi (sp), or if it was Saddam’s ouster that allowed for an environment to exist where the Arab Spring could take hold.


Dr. Whoof:

After this conversation on the golf course, the President and Mr. Freeman stopped by the garage, where the President asked about a large, hulking shape. “Oh, that? That’s the Tumbler. You wouldn’t be interested in THAT.”

Twenty minutes and a harrowing test drive around a well lit warehouse later, Obama leaned over to Mr. Freeman and asked, “Does it come in black?”

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