Trial for new Gerrymandered Congressional map begins

Perry Accused of Warping Election Map as Texas Trial Begins- Bloomberg

The majority-Republican Legislature redrew congressional district maps after the state grew enough to gain four seats in Congress, adding almost 4.3 million residents since 2000 according to the 2010 census. Hispanics, who have historically voted more often for Democrats, accounted for about 65 percent of the increase. Republicans hold 23 of Texas’s current 32 congressional seats. A lawyer for the state defended the redistricting, saying the Legislature created 22 so-called Latino opportunity districts among the 36 new ones. Latinos comprise 25 percent of voting-age citizens, he said.

My district is one of those kinds, where the 40% of Hispanics lives in 5% of the district and 60% redneck makes takes up the other 95%. 

To understand how crazy this is…I live in (east) Dallas, TX yet have the same (idiotic tea party) rep as those living in Tyler, TX…which is over 60 miles away.  Take a look at this map to understand how this works.  

And it gets even worse around Austin.

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