Texas drought not likely to end soon

SciGuy » Analysis: When will the terrible Texas drought end? http://blog.chron.com/sciguy/2011/09/analysis-when-will-the-terrible-texas-drought-end/

And just to get an idea of how bad it is….

By the way our three driest years on record in the Houston area occurred in 1917 (17.66”), 1988 (22.93”) and 1901 (27.09”). In a normal year the Houston area will typically receive around 45.00 to 50.00” of rainfall, so you can see in 1917 we had a little more than third of the normal rainfall while in 1988 we had roughly half. This year we have currently tallied 11.00” for the year, while we should be at 32.58”, meaning so far this year we have received only about a third of our normal rainfall and are on a pace to tie or unfortunately surpass the all time 1917 record.

One thought on “Texas drought not likely to end soon

  1. lets face the facts the govt. lies and always have, your answer the the artificial high pressure system lies within the skies, when you see jets with lil “vapor” trails behind them, just know that is not vapor and you and your atmosphere are being seeded or poisioned and all anyone will say is its a conspiracy, hence the problem. eyes open in tx

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