Question for Bill Bennett

It is hypocritical in the extreme for those members of the media who didn’t take the charges and allegations against Bill Clinton seriously to be taking the allegations against Herman Cain that we now have as seriously as they are. Hypocritical is probably too soft a word, frankly

via Cain must confront sex harassment issue –

Is it also hypocritical for folks that slammed Clinton repeatedly for years to now attack Cain’s accuser?   Which is to say….why don’t you take this “Clinton got a pass” b.s. to Fox where they actually *thrive* on blatant hypocrisy, and consider it a virtue.

BTW, the Daily Show did a great job of this comparing and contrasting Fox’s coverage of the Tea Party with that of Occupy Wall Street.

For those under 30 or so, who don’t remember what the Clinton/Lewinsky thing was like…it was 24/7 media coverage for years.   It was what *made cable news a viable business*.

If Herman Cain wants to be taken seriously as a public advocate for anything, never mind running for the chief executive and commander in chief of the most powerful and important and blessed country in the world, he needs to give a full press conference dedicated exclusively to this issue and these allegations.

If, however, Cain is pulling a Palin and simply using a completely non-critical right-wing media to build a cult of personality and never intends to actual serve the public in any official capacity…you do exactly what he’s done, and play the victim card, the race card, the sexist card, and pretty much any card you can find.

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