Millionaires ask Congress to allow them to pay more taxes –

WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) — A group of two dozen millionaires stormed Capitol Hill on Wednesday, demanding lawmakers raise their taxes.

“We want to pay more taxes,” said California millionaire Doug Edwards, a former marketing director for Google (GOOG, Fortune 500). “If you’re fortunate, and you make more than a million dollars a year, you ought to pay more taxes.”

The millionaires want Congress to allow the tax cuts passed during the George W. Bush administration to expire. Some want higher taxes generally.

They planned to push lawmakers to reject any deal that the so-called super committee delivers that doesn’t raise taxes on millionaires. The 12-lawmaker panel has until next Wednesday to agree on $1.2 trillion in savings [OR REVENUE CNN, jeez…-RPN] over the next 10 years or risk automatic spending cuts

via Millionaires ask Congress to raise their taxes – Nov. 16, 2011.

This is really at the absurd point we are at.  People, and I use the term loosely when I’m annoyed, like one of my Senators, John Cornyn, used the ridiculously rhetorical, “so you wanna pay more taxes, go ahead,”  argument earlier in the year when this subject came up.  (The “subject” being income and wealth distribution in this country is so out of whack and getting worse thanks to the regressive* tax code).

So then a group gets together and says precisely that.

I just think it’s wild and crazy that we are at a point where police are macing old women, and shooting veterans, to protect a group that DOESN’T EVEN WANT PROTECTION.

It’s really only these two assholes that are the two assholes who think everyone else should pay more and they should pay less. (and yes, one of the “job-killing regulations” they want to get rid of is also known as a “law” about “not selling stuff to people who say they want to destroy us”.)

And yes, they employ quite a few people to say the same thing.  That’s how the whole thing gets distorted, as people get paid to say stuff that isn’t true, and sadly find that’s the best way to get ahead….then embrace it.

*The tax code is actually regressive for those in the top 10%.  What should keep going up instead trends down…this is the definition of a “regressive” tax.  And this trend is getting worse.

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