Screw You Jon Kyl (I’m being polite…screw you with something large and sharp…that’s better)

So Jon Kyl (Asshole- Arizona) was just shown the following video of COLLEGE students, getting pepper sprayed while peacefully demonstrating (in the old speak, utilizing the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances).

Here’s the video…

So Jon Kyl…sees this…then he sees Newt Gingrich say how these people need to get a job and take a shower…and he says…Yea, I agree with Newt, these people need to get a job and bathe.  Just go fuck yourselves, assholes.  This was after I watched the “moderator” on Fox News Sunday dismiss the entire Occupy movement because of the violence committed against them, and before I had my coffee, hence the strong language.

This is sick, sick, bullshit.  How can you watch that and blame them?  Does this idiot realize that people usually “get jobs” after you graduate from college?  Does he even have any idea how hard that is, now?  Thanks to his vaunted “job creators” and their great “job creation” over the last decade of historically low “job creating” tax rates.

Now I hear Republicans both asked Obama to say away from the negotiations (privately), and then blamed him for staying way from negotiations (publicly).   Screw your whole party.  It sucks.

UPDATE: Here’s the transcript.  And below is the part I was reacting to.

JON KYL: Well, I think it expresses the attitude of a lot of these folks who somehow think money grows on trees, and they’re entitled to it, and they don’t understand how wealth is produced in this country. It’s produced by people who work and who invest, who take a risk in a small business, for example.

They hire people, and that produces wealth to the government that they can then take advantage of. But it doesn’t seem to me that they have an adequate appreciation of how our free market system works to produce the wealth that’s really made us the envy of the world.

This is such utter bullshit.   Many of the folks who support OWS understand quite well how these things work.  Heck, we could point out how the record low tax rates we have *now* aren’t creating jobs, and didn’t for all of Bush’s term.  We could point out the 90’s, where raising taxes erased the deficit and led to a job boom.    We could do these things, but if we did we would never have a job on corporate news, which is why David Gregory, et al, don’t ask such questions.

And this whole “small business” defense for every policy that is mostly designed to comfort Big Business, is utter crap.

Here’s the final point…businesses are taxed on profit.   Cutting the taxes on profit does nothing to stimulate demand.  Demand is what drives employment.   This comes from broad-based growth, not concentration of wealth.  Every Republicans policy has the real world effect of concentrating wealth.   Concentrating wealth does not stimulate broad-based demand, it stimulates risky financial behavior driven by folks playing with other people’s excess wealth.   If these folks had been paying attention during the aughts, instead of championing the very behavior they are now condemning, we probably wouldn’t be in this mess.


One thought on “Screw You Jon Kyl (I’m being polite…screw you with something large and sharp…that’s better)

  1. I do find it somewhat…obvious…that these shows are all supported through advertising by big banks, big oil, big defense companies, and big healthcare companies. It’s almost comical, when you think about it.

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