Obamacard, Bailout, Global Warming, Link Dump

Woman who didn’t know what was in Obamacare likes it now that she does…and it’s helping her.

Woman who didn’t know what was in Obamacare is not in minority of Americans in that regard.

Permafrost ain’t so “perma” and it melting will lead to less “frost” everywhere.

Obama goes on attack against against economic myths.   Sadly, most who don’t get his criticism won’t look into the numbers and see that he’s dead on right.

I would very much say patience is the important virtue here.   

Judge tosses bank “settlement” as he can’t figure out why they payed $300,000,000 and admit to doing nothing wrong.

The Muppet Movie is hilarious.  Go see it.  But be warned…any oil exec that introduces himself with a rap montage is not to be trusted.

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