Verizon backs down on FCC threat, customer outrage

Verizon backtracks on $2 fee after customer outrage

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Verizon Wireless has reversed its decision to charge a $2 fee for one-time telephone and online bill payments bowing to a storm of criticism from consumers and the U.S. communications regulator.

The biggest U.S. wireless operator retracted its decision on Friday, just a day after it announced the fee, which was to have begun January 15.

The consumer victory comes after Bank of America recently decided against a new $5 monthly fee for debit card users after consumer and lawmaker uproar about the charge.

Verizon said it was making the decision based on customer input after many consumers spoke out about the fee on the company’s online forum, with some threatening to leave the service as a result.

The Verizon Wireless turn-around came after the U.S. Federal Communications Commission said it was “concerned” about the fee and vowed to look into it.

“On behalf of American consumers, we’re concerned about Verizon’s actions and are looking into the matter,” an official for the FCC said earlier on Friday.

Good to hear.  This is the system ‘working’. 

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