Top Ten Myths about the Arab Spring of 2011

1. The upheavals of 2011 were provoked by the Bush administration’s overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq

2. President Obama was wrong to ask Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down.

3. Muslim radicalism benefited from the revolutions in the Arab world. 

4. Muslim religious groups spear-headed the revolutions.

5. The uprising in Bahrain was merely a manifestation of sectarian tensions between Sunni and Shiite

6. Iran was behind the uprising in Bahrain.

7. The Arab Spring is a Western plot.

8. The intervention of NATO in Libya was driven primarily by oil.

9. The Arab dictatorships now overthrown or tottering were better for women than their likely Islamist successors

10. The Arab upheavals are an unmitigated disaster for Israel.

Top Ten Myths about the Arab Spring of 2011 | Informed Comment.

Juan Cole, as per, offers sound reasoning for why each of these is considered a myth.   The Arab Spring has been an amazing thing to watch, and brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion for more than one reason.   Overall, we here at RPN consider it a *VERY GOOD* thing, and believe a (more) free and (more) open society is the best way to inoculate against violent radicals.

The more people feel a part of their country/community/culture the more likely they are to work to make it better.  Only those who feel apart from everything feel justified in destroying it.


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Myths about the Arab Spring of 2011

  1. I’m sorry but saying “everything is a conspiracy by Israel…and I mean *everything*” doesn’t really refute any of his points.

    In fact, most of the time you are making the same points, but then added the “as intended by Israel” twist.

    I don’t think you refuted a single point.

    “This point by itself contradicts point number 3 as we explained above but if we think of the ‘Arab Spring’ as a product of NATO and US think tanks as we also explained above, this might be the only ‘Myth’ among the 10 the author mentioned, and it’s exactly why the public and the majorities of Arabs were and still opposing the ‘Arab Spring’ and that’s why we see it failing in Syria as we saw it failing in Iran”

    Hrmm…I think this is one of the first times straight up crazy propaganda has been posted here. Slaughtering your own people doesn’t exactly illustrate how awesome they think your government is. That’s the only reason leaders in Iran and Syria still have such dictatorial powers…they are willing to slaughter their own people to keep them.

    • Give a single proof that the government is “slaughtering own people” and please don’t give me FoxNews or other NATO aligned media shaky footage, we have relatives there telling us what we see in such footage is totally different than what they are living.

      Honestly, I’m sorry to say that you didn’t even read the reply with open mind, you read it with prejudice based on what you were fed by MSMs proved liars in so many areas.

      I went through the post again and couldn’t find what you quoted “as intended by israel”.. Can you tell from where you got that exact expression? You know of course that Quotation marks means you copied what someone else said exactly, not as what you like to understand it.

      A “crazy propaganda” is the propaganda that justifies crazy goals like a crazy war on Afghanistan because the CIA said its own job was carried out by cavemen living there who managed to down 2 towers and a third one went down in a show of solidarity in NY.. Another crazy war is on Iraq because the former secretary of state showed satellite images in the UNSC of mobile WMDs in Iraq, so it was justified to invade the country, devastate it, kill and cause the killing of over a million Iraqi and send over 4 million in internal and across the borders in forced displacements, killing your own citizens in an overseas country in thousands, sinking your own economy to fuel the creation of enemies for your children.. that’s a crazy propaganda.

      • “Give a single proof that the government is “slaughtering own people” ”

        “BEIRUT — Syrian security forces shot dead 25 people on Thursday, including in cities being visited by Arab League monitors to check whether President Bashar al-Assad is keeping a pledge to end a crackdown on popular unrest.

        The Arab League hopes its deal with Assad can stop nine months of bloodshed. More than 5,000 people have been killed, by a United Nations count, provoking international sanctions against Damascus and stoking fears of civil war”

        “Honestly, I’m sorry to say that you didn’t even read the reply with open mind, you read it with prejudice based on what you were fed by MSMs proved liars in so many areas.”

        I’m sorry that you’re a racist conspiracy theorist.

        I know you are scared the U.S. is going to squash Syria, but it’s not going to happen. Assad is a far greater danger to the people of Syria that the U.S., or even Israel. Maybe you should fight for press freedom in your homeland, rather than claim everyone else is in on the conspiracy.

        The fact that you can’t even post from there speaks volume.

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