Why Reddit Rocks: 2 Billion & Beyond

Here’s a list of things we don’t (and won’t) do for traffic:

We don’t get traffic through ads.

We don’t participate in any traffic trading.

We don’t email our users (unless they choose to enter an email and then forget their password).

We don’t harass users to sign up.

We don’t harass users to invite their friends.

We don’t pester you to download our app.

We don’t use slideshows and other pageview gimmicks.

We don’t know anything about SEO.

We don’t integrate with Facebook.

We don’t even link to our Facebook or twitter accounts.

So how do we account for the growth? Like all things reddit, the credit goes to our community — or rather, community of communities.

via blog.reddit — what’s new on reddit: 2 Billion & Beyond.

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