There’s a Reason the Guy Won a Peace Prize » Obama’s revolution in American strategy Mobile

The neoconservative scholar Eliot Cohen and the neoconservative editor Norman Podhoretz declared that the U.S. was engaged in “World War IV” (World War III having been the Cold War). Others called it the Long War.

Well, World War IV is now over, according to President Obama. The Long War turned out not to be all that long.

In announcing the new orientation of American security strategy last week, the president emphasized that the U.S. will maintain its position as the leading military power in the world; no president, in this generation, could do otherwise. What is striking, however, is the speed with which the Obama administration has not only wound down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but repudiated the post-1989 consensus.

According to the new vision of American defense, the U.S. will reorient itself from fighting wars of nation-building and counterinsurgency in the Muslim world to focusing on balancing the power of rising states in East Asia (read China).

This seems similar to the strategy put forward a while back I’m another post (have to dig that up).

This is a 180 from the neocon ‘New American Century (of warfare)’ path Bush set us on. 

We’ll see how far this for a with Congress, but this path is, IMHO, a far more sustainable one than we were on a few short years ago.

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