Children Committing, err, Training For Genocide…Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You (with Indiana Jones, no less)

Harrison Ford will play Colonel Hyram Graff and Ben Kingsley takes on the role of Mazer Rackham. But its the young actors attracting much of the attention: Asa Butterfield stars as Ender Wiggin, Abigail Breslin plays his older sister, Valentine Wiggin and Hailee Steinfeld takes on the role of Petra Arkanian.

Author Orson Scott Card won two of science fictions highest honors for this novel. He is working on the film so he cannot talk with us yet But he is excited and hopeful. So, are those in the book world.”Enders game is relatable on every level, and even though it was written that long ago, it still holds its own,” Evans said.

via Enders Game will hit the silver screen with big star power |

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