For Some Reason the LIBERAL Media Won’t Report This News! (“Government Spending Down for Second Year in a Row”)

December 19, 2011 12:44 PM

As with most things in Washington, this year’s appropriations process was slow and frustrating, but the end result is a major victory for fiscal sanity.

On December 16, Congress finalized a fiscal 2012 government appropriations bill that cuts spending for the second consecutive year — the first time since World War II that government spending has been reduced in back-to-back years. These are real spending cuts that reduce spending by $95 billion compared to fiscal year 2010 and brings non-defense discretionary spending down to 2008 levels.

via Government Spending Down for Second Year in a Row – Rep. Cole.

I think it’s a complete conspiracy that this press release from the fourth ranking Republican member of the House, Tom Cole R-OK, was completely ignored by the liberal mainstream MSM media, of which radio and cable TV, except for 3rd and 4th ranked channels, are not a part.

Note: Conservative media has ignored reporting this as well.  But what’cha’gonna’go?

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