Today in “Concessions Granted to Republicans for Smaller Government” Quarterly we find…

In addition, states will be allowed to perform drug tests on individuals applying for unemployment benefits if those people lost their previous job because they either failed or refused an employer’s drug test. Individuals receiving unemployment assistance could also be tested if they are seeking a job that generally requires a drug test.

Also, welfare beneficiaries will be banned from accessing public assistance funds at ATMs in strip clubs, liquor stores, and casinos.

via Congress passes payroll tax cut deal –

It should be noted, these are Republican demands and illustrate just how much they want to get government *out* of people’s lives…or something.

If this confuses you, realize that when Republican politicians say “smaller government” what they really are calling for is “lower taxes on my benefactors”.

It has, as one can see here, absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with reducing government intrusion into people’s personal lives (or as the dictionary calls it “freedom”).

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