Fourth Place Candidate who has yet to win a single state, plans to use shadowy backroom deals to stay relevant

“Our people are in the right places. They’re doing the things to become delegates,” [Ron] Paul said on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” adding that it was too soon in the process to “write anybody off.”

While the Texas congressman has yet to win a contest in the GOP primary, he has so far picked up 71 delegates, according to CNN’s latest estimate. The number puts Paul in a distant fourth place in the delegate count, as front-runner Mitt Romney has 569, Rick Santorum comes in second with 262 and Newt Gingrich has 136 delegates.

I’m pretty sure the right thing to do was to get people to vote for you…not try to work the system behind the scenes. 
Paul: Don’t Count Me Out | – Cleveland news & weather from WJW Television FOX 8

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