Romney ignores reality, reads his version off teleprompters

Mr. Romney, who often stumbles when reading from prepared remarks, delivered his 25-minute speech with the help of two teleprompters.

On a day when the Dow and the Standard & Poor’s 500 ended their best first quarter in more than a decade, Mr. Romney crystallized his basic critique against Mr. Obama, should the economy continue to improve.

“President Obama did not cause the recession but he most certainly failed to lead the recovery,” Mr. Romney said. “All in all, President Obama prolonged the recession and slowed the recovery. President Obama’s economic strategy is a bust.”

He added, “This is a president who was not elected on the strength of a compelling record of accomplishment but by a compelling personality and story”

He’s probably going to get re-elected on his accomplishments.   No matter how much Romney tries to ignore them, he’s not going to be able to reverse them.  There’s really no way to bring Bin Laden back alive to scare us into electing a Wall Street guy to run Main Street.

Without abject fear and terror, there’s really no way to distract people from the actual Republican platform.

NYT: Romney Bypasses G.O.P. Rivals

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