Aah, the old ‘my ignorance is worth as much as your expertise’ argument

“When you have an area of the science where there is a consensus like in climate change, where the problem is real and the scientific implications are on a collision course with vested interests like the fossil fuel industry, you often see this,” said Michael Mann, a well-known climate scientist and Penn State professor.

NASA has been clear that it firmly accepts the reality of the science behind climate change, including the work of renowned climate scientist James Hansen,so complaints from a few dozen retired NASA administrators and a handful of astronauts and engineers calling on NASA to stop saying that anthropogenic carbon dioxide causes climate change can hardly be taken seriously.

A full 98 percent of all working climate scientists affirm anthropogenic climate change, according to a paper published in 2010 in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences,and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has found the evidence that the world is warming to be “unequivocal.”

Sad but unsurprising how effective this has been. Big tobacco was able to hold off science for a generation using the same tactics, and media consolidation has made it even easier to mislead the ignorant. I’m not sure what it will take now…but the changes are getting more obvious faster now, which will add more pressure to deniers faster, always a good thing.

NASA Climate Change Letter Belongs To Long Tradition Of Fake Expertise – The Huffington Post

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