What “out of control spending” looks like without the partisan slant….

Of the administrations shown, overall growth in Mr. Obama’s first three years has been the slowest. But that is largely because government spending did not accelerate as it normally does when the private sector is weak. The private sector grew faster in the first three years of the Obama administration than it did in three of the previous five administrations — the exception being Bill Clinton’s administrations, when private sector growth was more rapid. In both of George W. Bush’s terms as well as in the first three years of the George H. W. Bush administration, though, the private sector grew more slowly.

Much of the variation in government spending trends can be attributed to military spending. Adjusted for inflation, it has grown at a slow pace under President Obama despite declines in the costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Nonmilitary spending has risen at about the same pace as it did during George W. Bush’s second administration, and much more slowly than during his first.

I make this point again and again to right wingers who claim to hate Obama because of his proclivity for spending….he’s the only President during my lifetime to see a year to year real dollar reduction in spending.

Unfortunately, these folks then come up with other reasons to hate Obama…most of which have the same kind of “evidence” supporting them.

Government Is Getting Smaller in the U.S. – Off the Charts – NYTimes.com

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