Romney lies about history of marriage and/or his own family…take your pick

Above, Romney says that we should not discard 3,000 years of history of one-man-one-woman marriage. Ahem. His own family were ardent polygamists only a century ago -and went to Mexican colonies to escape US federal oppression of their version of marriage (which also goes back a long, long way and still exists across the world). Romney’s great-grandparents were polygamists; one of his his great-great-grandfathers had twelve wives and was murdered by the husband of the twelfth.

For Romney to say that the definition of marriage has remained the same for 3,000 years is disproved by his own family. It’s untrue. False. A lie.

Link has video.

The funny thing?  For most Mormons these types of blatant logical contradictions between reality and history are old hat and easily dismissed.   They start training to ‘just believe’ from a young age, and learn to turn off that piece of brain that says…’oh, this is bullshit, give me a break.’

My proof?   Watch the video while knowing the history.

The Tide Turns – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast

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