“How to turn Record Surpluses into an Economic Crisis” by George W. Bush

This is like Tim Tebow writing a treatise on passing accuracy, like Fox News releasing a how-to guide on fairness and balance in television coverage, like Rush Limbaugh teaching a gender sensitivity class, like Newt Gingrich lecturing about the sanctity of marriage, like Emily Post publishing a collection of “Yo Mamma” jokes. For sheer chutzpah this blows away Michael “Brownie” Brown penning a book on Hurricane Katrina and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt “Let’s Cut Taxes and Increase Defense Spending” Romney lecturing anyone on the deficit.

I don think that’d the actual title of the book, ’cause that there Dubya was never really one for intellectual honesty.  

No Joke: George W. Bush Writing a Book on Economic Growth – Robert Schlesinger (usnews.com)

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